Jan Paul Fernandez

Systems Analyst specializing in web technologies by day. Capturing life by night.

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Heyyaa Interweb!

About me

👋 Hello there ! I'm a software developer turned project manager based in Manila, Philippines. I've been in the industry since 2015 and started as a systems analyst and a developer for PSbank , then moved to Rappler, an online news agency, first as a software developer, then accidentally turned into the head of their technology operations.

How I work

Like most of the people in the tech world, I am usually powered by caffeine, a nightowl, always love to discuss ideas with the team and zone out when I need to get my hands dirty.

Areas of Interests

Aside from being in the publishing tech, and has experience in fintech, I am very much interested in web3 and esports. And heyy, I'm actively looking for opportunities!

Projects and Work Experiences


Head of Tech Operations
2019 - Present


Software Engineer
2018 - 2019


Software Engineer
2018 - 2018


Systems Analyst
2015 - 2018

Also helping  small businesses across central luzon to have automations in their day to day processes.

Notable Projects

Rappler - News Site

A screenshot of rappler.com homepage

As a head of technology operations, I am managing the daily operations of the news room, making sure that the site is running healthy for both our editors and readers. I am also part of the team who redesigned and migrated the Rappler to a new platform, extending its capabilities beyond news serving.

URL: https://rappler.com

Tasks: Software development, product management, site operations

Rappler - PHVote (2019 and 2022)

A screenshot of ph.rappler.com homepage

PhVote is Rappler's campaign for Philippines elections. At Rappler, we did a website that focused on election related news and facts, voters education and vote trackings.

URL: https://ph.rappler.com

Tasks: Software development, product management, site operations


screenshot of davaotoday.com homepage

Davaotoday is struggling with tech debt and having an outdated platform. I helped them update their stack to a newer version, optimized it for search engine and fix problems based on web.dev measure which bump their score from an 'E' to 'B'.

URL: https://davaotoday.com

Tasks: Software development, product management, Search engine optimization

PSBank | Accounts Opening

PSBank logo

PSbank is the first company I worked with. I worked as a systems analyst and developed their account opening system deployed in several key branches.

Tasks: Software development

Hobbies, Interests, Advocacies

Not everything should be about work!

When not working, I usually play a lot of video games! Catch me play Valorant or Overwatch on twitch! I also upload clips on tiktok!

Night Life Captured

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